Are you guys for real?

We often get asked this question. And the answer is a resounding "hell yes". We started this company to provide a service for guys like our brothers and friends who work in the trades but never had a place to call their own online. Building the web for the workers who keep America running is as real as it gets to us.

What's the catch? Is WorkHands taking advantage of workers?

WorkHands is 100% free for workers and always will be. We promise to make WorkHands the one place where you feel comfortable knowing you won't be ripped off. We know it's hard to catch a break in the trades, and that’s why we’re here to work for you. We answer to you. If you see us doing something you don't like, call us on it .

How do you make money?

Have we mentioned that WorkHands is 100% free for workers? Yes? Ok, now that that's out of the way, we do need to keep the lights on somehow. As we add services to the site, we'll charge companies and organizations to post jobs, have private networks, and more.

Can women join?

Absolutely! The trades, much like tech, struggles to reach an equitable gender balance. If you're a woman in the trades, help us change that by joining WorkHands and making women in the trades more visible.

Can you visit my trade school (or other trade organization) and present?

Absolutely. This is the best part of our week, talking with workers and students in the trades. Sign up here and we'll reach out to schedule a good time.

Are you for union or non-union workers?

We're for workers, period. Both union and non-union workers use WorkHands today.

Does WorkHands work with unions?

We're speaking to unions now about how to create group solutions for their needs. If you're interested in getting your local involved, sign up for our groups beta, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Do blue collar workers use the internet?

Seriously? Who do you know that doesn't use the internet or a smartphone these days? The question you should ask is, does the internet serve blue collar workers needs? Not yet, but we're working on it.

Can I join if I'm outside the U.S.?

At the moment, we're focused on serving workers in the U.S. There's plenty for us to do here in our home country, but the possibility is there in the future. Stay tuned.

Do you monitor comments and posts?

We do so help us out. While we want to keep things casual, there’s some things you’d say on a job but not in front of mom. Keep that in mind when you comment on ww.workhands.us or any of our social media pages.

Can I keep my information private?

You bet. We recognize that sometimes you're working on a prototype that can't be shared, or a facility that has security implications, so you can set your profile to make some of your information private on WorkHands.

Are you recruiters?

Look, we're not recruiters. Heck, we're not even the people you want doing the recruiting.

Why can't I do [insert awesome feature here] on WorkHands?

You haven't asked us to do that! We mean it when we say we'll be the trades #1 tech company. Contact us now and we'll get cracking.