Work Experience

  • RE Power `Em

    2007-Present | Project Engineer

    • Investigate pumped hydro schemas, water reclamation and using renewable energy systems technologies to condense moisture in the air for use in urban farm irrigation. • Ethane as a green(er) transportation fuel opportunity. • Perform discovery for implementing community hybrid RE projects on electrical distribution networks in underrepresented urban communities. • Decommission a freewheeling small wind turbine generator [WTG] in Berkeley, CA. Guideline report to aid navigating/obtaining approval for decommissioning wind turbines in the built environment.


  • Georgia State University

    1991-1993 | BSc Mathematics

    Cross-enrolled Georgia Institute of Technology. Pursued general mathematics and engineering coursework in engineering graphics, statics, materials engineering, electric circuits, discrete event systems simulation, statistical mathematics and boundary value problems. Senior Project: Discrete event simulation and modeling, applying multiple channel, multiple queue queuing theory in a real-world application.

  • Loughborough University

    2008-2010 | Renewable Energy Systems Technology Engineering

    Post-graduate coursework at the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST). Researched and generated reports on the following topics: • Solar PV characterization and performance • PV system design using PVSYST • Compact oscillating water column (OWC) calibration, flow duration curve (FDC) and discharge of a v-notched weir evaluation • Operational performance of anaerobic digestion (AD) • Sustainable development and environmental management scenarios • Wind farm design; load flow analysis embedding wind turbine generators on an existing electrical distribution network • Small wind turbines in the built environment

  • Laney College

    2014-2016 | Industrial Maintenance

    Continuing Education. Hands-on training in machining (drill press, mill, lathe), welding (GMAW/MIG, GTAW/TIG, MMA/Stick, Oxyacetylene), electricity, hydraulics, OSHA safety and blueprint reading. Activities and societies: Recipient Spring 2015 Metal Cutters Scholarship


  • IATSE Local 16

    2013-Present | Audio Visual Technician

    Install, setup, configure, tune and troubleshoot computer systems used by conference attendees at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA.