Work Experience

  • Holmes Tuttle Ford

    2009-2010 | Lube tech

    Performed maintenance and light repairs on customers' vehicles.

  • Desert Rat Truck Centers

    2010-2011 | Mechanic

    Performed all manners of automotive repair on light duty vehicles. Primarily suspension work, with occasional driveline and engine work.

  • Farwest Pump Co.

    2011-2012 | Fleet diesel mechanic

    Performed all aspects of diesel and automotive repair on everything from bobcats and forklifts to Peterbuilts. Reason for leaving: This job reached a point where most of the work was outside the country with no notice before traveling. This was not something I was comfortable with.

  • Box Five Auto Llc

    2012-2012 | Road Service technician and mobile welder

    Owned my own company as a mobile auto repair and mobile welding service. Could have continued, but the timing was not right and I wanted to spend some more time working for an employer and start again in the future with a firmer foot on the ground.

  • Auto Safety House

    2012-2013 | Welder/Truck equipment fabricator

    I built custom work trucks, service bodies, flatbeds, etc. I also diagnose and repair electrical, hydraulic and gasoline powered equipment. This job was 80% welding and fabrication, including tube bending. I learned to TIG weld on non-ferrous metals during my time at Auto Safety House. Reason for leaving: I had a baby on the way, and I needed to seek employment with higher wages.

  • Campas Performance Engineering

    2013-2013 | Lead Technician

    Performed all diagnostic and repair duties as the shop's lead technician, including engine rebuilds (performance and stock), motor swaps, and welding/fabrication. Reason for leaving: Management changed shortly after I arrived, and owner changed my pay-scale without discussing it with me. I found out later that he was not paying my taxes through pay-roll, even though I was lead to believe I was an official employee and on payroll after filling out a W-4 for the company.

  • Midas of Tucson

    2013-2014 | Lead Technician

    Performed all duties of automotive repair. Did all of shop's heavy-line work and was the only technician with the ability to weld and bend custom exhaust. Reason for leaving: Began looking for work because manager would force us to lie to make sales, and re-use old parts when new ones were sold. Final straw was when I was forced to work (under threat of being fired) while my wife was in the hospital having our baby even though I had previously made planes to take time off with management.

  • Tucson Mountain Motors

    2014-2014 | Line Technician

    I was one of three technicians. All technicians in this shop were senior-level technicians with diagnostic abilities. There was very little welding or fabrication type work Reason for leaving: I accepted this job in a hurry due to my situation with Midas, and my daily commute was over 2 hours. The opportunity to start a new business with a long time friend came up and I took it.

  • Done Right Automotive LLC

    2014-Present | Lead Technician/Owner

    I perform all duties of lead technician, as well as service writer and manager. We do everything from computer and electrical diagnosis, to emissions adjustments and carburetors. We have also perform a fairly large amount of performance builds, roll cages, and custom fabrication work. Reason for leaving: The business is reaching a point where it can operate with an employee in my place. I'm looking to relocate and establish a separate line of income during the next 2-3 years of business growth.