Work Experience

  • Plains Dairy

    2012-Present | Merchandiser

    I drive my own truck to each supermarket in town and stock all of the Plains Dairy products. Being on the road for most of the day has enabled me to be able to think better on my feet when something goes wrong. I have changed many tires and fixed many mechanical problems on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Because of my experience here I know that something can go wrong at any time, and I am prepared at all times with a ratchet set, wrenches, various pliers, Vise grips, a Hydraulic jack, jack stands, a tire iron, and other misc. tools.



    2012-2013 | Introduction to automotive technology

  • Amarillo College Technical Education

    2015-Present | Advanced Automotive Technician Certificate

    After I get my Advanced Automotive technician certificate, I plan to come back and get a certificate in auto body.