Juan's project from 5/11/15

More May 11

  • 4ce0aa95c205483422b91df8bf10c9f2
    there is 1.8 ohms passing through the wire
  • 9e632f527adcb294f19184835a871479
    there is a complete circuit so the light lights up
  • A2a5a594d57a0c28b26ec360d562ddae
    but when the switch is unplugged the resistance starts going down
  • 46ac6921d608151bc267751c39cee7db
    it keeps going down until it almost gets to zero
  • 0feac1e76f3f246406632f781c13ebd8
    and the black is connected to the outlet and the white to the other white
  • C4a88a88672f91ebe6e419344d09b184
    the bulb measures 14.3 ohms
  • 617658e2e7b9ce72916c601bf6ff1e17
    the ground is connected to the switch itself