Jordan's project from 7/6/15

work i have done in past or in process (welds r fast pace on a production line for little to nothing pay can do alot better if thats what u want)
More July 6

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    my bobber project (not finished yet)
  • Da98f6607d3998bab30fe6ef5930c6bf
    first custom built
  • 03312aea64cdd865085d2d7f48ee6229
    current pic still looks as good as the day i finished so does house next door
  • 8bfc542e83d25242832b19af84702937
    endframe for ford rack mind u this is a 440 mig set on ten wire n bout thirty voltage 3 and 18 be way better looking this what my employer wants so its what i do
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    caster on automotive rack for gm bodyside rack