1950 Mercury - The Swiss 50

Complete body restoration including rust repair, bodywork, paint, wiring, interior and dash painting, and pinstriping. Engine rebuild by Ulyses Matamoros. Upholstery by unknown. Sandblasting by Blasting Specialties.
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    Fabricating patch pieces.
  • Df3e0f099ca355c5e9abfdba76316645
    'Before' photo of Mercury.
  • Fd982037f268f61d6e7abfb0c7becaa8
    Only the rear window gasket held the roof skin to the interior structure. So. Much. Rust.
  • 4729440c0d2a4530229c98a387ccb062
    Wiring. Pic also shows painted dash and interior.
  • 36ffae66da2892de798651ea6a85b93e
    Painted and pinstriped hubcaps and steering wheel center (customized/shaved). The vehicle owner's initials 'JR' are hidden in the pinstripe design.
  • Cb252c9da900a419162a3ccb5e83b785
    Finished. Rear view.
  • 0bbf02f54b9bfe46a0233f6843c11e60
    Finished car.
  • A0249253afe896983e9daedf3d1ab9c2
    Custom fabricated flush-mount skirts, shaved door handles. Body is straight and in primer.
  • B0f3c76f3788fc1fcd753089ec61b472
    Door bottom after sandblasting. A bit of rust and note sheet metal screws holding outer skin on. Lovely. This is how the car got its name - the whole thing looks looks like Swiss cheese.