Henry's project from 12/23/14

My trade skills vary with in our industry. from Ship Fitter work in San Diego, CA- Treasure Island, CA- and Seward , Alaska...... Field Ironworker Apprentice Local 118 out of Sacramento, CA.............. Shop Ironworker Schuff Steel, Stockton, CA & Stockton Steel, Stockton, CA........... and Small Business Owner/Employee "Mobile Welding and Fabrication" lic. & Insured
More December 24

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    Hobbyist; I love to build...
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    Welding cracks on car ramp. grind crack making a nice bevel and weld 1" pass crack, and weld plate underneath to prevent future cracking
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    getting ready to add a plate to the hanger bracket on both side with a proper size hole. 1/4 plate , two passes with .035 innersheild wire
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    Beveling the Top Flange