Garrett's project from 3/8/15

More March 8

  • 10b666b90d01c59a6f119c3241f16606
    Fence poles that had added length for fence
  • Fb7b1e30cd700bec8e64ef623c374b25
    Custom support bar to keep gate stable
  • 9571ef639507b8726b7107e738d0f940
    Fully built roll gate
  • 66e73bcda6407df2e64a57f57a963389
    Track welded and painted for gate
  • Ab4777f5f791d5313bb9ca00bc876bef
    Applied track that was made for rolling gate
  • Deccd971459f3adb59cdaf0f133caf67
    Custom stopper to keep gate from sliding to far.