2004 Scion xB

This Scion won Best of Show at the 2009 Balliztik Get Lucky Event, as well as many other trophies. Juan Arellano is the owner and suspension designer/technician - vehicle is the first first-gen xB to tuck 18" wheels that we know of. Upholstery and pinstriping by unknown.
More March 18

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    Engine bay, valve cover, intake, etc. custom painted with painted graphics. No stickers.
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    Dash pad smoothed and painted black with flake like the roof. A-pillar garnishes and dash parts painted to match, painted graphics - no stickers.
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    Roof is black with prism flake, silver leaf divider. Hood is carbon fiber with Mirrachrome-painted Louis Vuitton logo pattern. Scion JDM bB front lip and accessories.
  • Ab32b2fc5371e6681fac7964a195861d
    Hatch garnish is shaved, fiberglass bumpers and side skirts fitted and painted Scion RS1 blue.
  • 97204cd73015710ff7e6a31a50e8442a
    Finished Scion at the Balliztik event where it won Best of Show.
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    Wheels also two-tone painted and flaked. Handpainted Rosie's logo. These are 17" wheels, 18" wheels came later.