Military/Industrial models

Customers were US Military and Intelligence, NASA, Oil companies etc.
More November 8

  • Fb7435cdefad8603e93b8cfd6717a825
    Canadian cargo bay manipulator arm for training tank at NASA/Houston
  • 1baf9d8e23fdc3481b476ec6f11217d2
    USN ship engine maintenance and repair training module.
  • B7e1c028dd06e2a721f3c505d912218a
    Front and back view, USN ship's main reduction gear, ground based training module. Houston in summer in sheet metal building without a/c!! Character building.
  • Cfda9e6b81938be5d5076966075ca12d
    Gear oil splash view ports and side detail. Aluminum frame, plywood and sintra foam sheet w/pvc pipe components