Electric vehicle conversions and support systems

Gas out Electricity in for VolkswagenAG
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    Built up Innovan prototype.
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    2 Golfs, this Beetle and a Jetta get the snip. This charge port was even worse because the fender was plastic so had to mount on inner fender support with multiple compound curves. Git 'r done.
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    Fabricator's nightmare of no space, no time, and curves in sheet metal to hang the charging port box. No problem.
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    The VW people from Germany liked them and took them all over LA to show off.
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    Planes, trains and automobiles minus the planes. VERY large batteries.
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    If you charge it, it will go. Quick charger system gives 80% charge in 30 minutes in small EV instead of 8 hrs. Component layout was fun.
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    Prototype vehicle