Francisco's project from 3/27/15

Welding projects and jobs.
More March 27

  • 73fe40da84008ee25055639674766f4d
    Tig titanium
  • 69ec34f329448fb6023db0fca79d99b9
    Mig 6" pipe with root, 4 hot passes and a cover.
  • 689377aa1001ca51f2aa87f0db85c997
    Pipe layout
  • 28cf246957e77b7bd4ae4399522c25af
    Tig titanium
  • Ab1a19cd14a2b5acc49290b0cae5eef4
    Awning job installed
  • D6f8bca8b53065f203886e54c3c900e7
    Tig titanium cert
  • 1de63bc337f528393f56910729bd92f3
    Awning frame I welded being installed
  • 4b8d9d085f5a56248c9001f9ad660e05
    Awning frames I welded
  • E9fbce24c5f9cd80550d57ac481ac804
    Replacing steel pot arm for Northstar Bluescope Steel
  • F2ddf937608ad9fc9543b845e4114949
    Awning fram from blueprint
  • 2dc9bac761c742581048b0c043edaff5
    Another blue print
  • E1c5d20c95ba5fe26abd85447e37c658
    Hitch I made for my four wheeler
  • 97b31f0247ca458ad58f329d8ab13a14
    Trailere and some guys made from scratch
  • 8e06717329e55b2ec0c745bea667a340
    Blue prints for awning to be made
  • 907442931cb144caaa22fb31eb9c895f
    Awning I welded being installed
  • A32dabe89ccc3ca6d54ac216e72dcfe1
    After 13 hour install it's up looking good
  • 09a607e1d26ea519f8c080728947e7cd
    Night stand I made back in school
  • 797614039fbc50c3a95436842e11ac22
    Dragster made in my free time
  • 2824f3bbef685ba5a65e76356344d6fb
    Mig multilayer
  • D86347f75b0a53c04985c2bc72484ed0
    Smaw cert test 8" pipe
  • Cda973f7ed3648992a6a0f3eb80df2c2
    Added new attachment for an extra tank for 16 row planter
  • F6a72470f9a82d9680bfacd9c685e3df
    Citing out some i beam for project
  • D1bef2659a3373ee49123081f3939c7d
    Awning job
  • Ac21185f38fdcb4b4258f6e62ca7def4
    Awning frames
  • 2f562653a4020f68c195b0d4d2777950
    Parts I grinded to be shipped to FWT
  • 45e246d439544a605af7120bae90bbe7
    Welding new fender I made for customers trailer
  • 8099c1c092aeeee20cd2990485460e49
    Another awning I welded
  • 087c0b7f2689a0c73456ce529086e0e9
    Cutting out holes for smoke stack on a smoker.
  • Bfe538b30725eeebe2a4e173c54b3406
    Mig welding test
  • 2e2b6c7a9d24a036351d3868ba584da8
    Tig stainless
  • 1144c9db652be91326b75c2c39133097
    Another awning job welded
  • 0b0c17f4a66d419863d47bc6aa0271bd
    Just a little part of a Giant job to go to Northstar Bluescope Steel
  • 342fc03b92ff669acce213615430129a
    Welding a frame