2008 Scion xB

I customized this Scion twice - once to paint the top half flat black and add Gucci logo paint to bumper center, gas door and rear garnish, and once to paint the entire thing tangerine kandy over bass boat flake inside and out. Front and rear bumpers are fiberglass and were restored and repainted after severe damage.
More March 18

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    Interior accents and exterior door handles painted with tangerine kandy over Mirrachrome.
  • 6fff67a666d6e05e33a9f45ee64011b4
    Weeding the Gucci pattern mask for painting bumper center, gas door, rear garnish, etc.
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    Making repairs.
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    Front view showing Gucci insert and aftermarket fiberglass hood (painted flat black). Front bumper resto came out perfect - you can't even tell it was repaired.
  • 3b664f2dfa0b93582bb64954e0ed220d
    Scion after first customization: flat black paint and accents with flat black/silver Gucci pattern. Fiberglass bumpers repaired and fitted to vehicle.
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    Fiberglass front bumper after accident. Stress affected and cracked the whole bumper, especially mounting area. Owner and I joked it looked like an easter egg rolled on the table.
  • D99663cdaae56161f4e429e9d2c70a9e
    Paint job finished. Entire engine bay and all jambs also flaked and candied.