Alex's project from 12/10/14

More December 11

  • 1555a4c0d12e23861a8ce4450f6906ee
    Back side of a full pen 1018 carbon steel butt joint
  • 9362e78fc5eea858940619e437d630dd
    Custom table frame built from CAD drawing to within 1/32"
  • 3a792e8c7c52a2c52ffde16de491cde2
    Same table
  • 5bdea8a12e4e0b95cc1bc3c5dbc146ba
    6061 full penetration butt joint.
  • 133c580dcaaea10fb78ecb15eeed262d
    Table frame built from detailed drawings to designers specs
  • 09bd43188df0fb4bdca6c5f30de14e46
    Built a filler rod caddy
  • 4cf5c1770a35abcf7acb3ddd095f8e67
    Full pen steel butt joint
  • 7739aa3d888ea5126e236552d28c6fc8
    Back purged 304L stainless turbo exhaust repair