1951 Mercury

Performed customizations to this Merc including fabricating two sets of skirts and 6-ripple taillights, customized front and rear bumpers, Desoto grille park lights, and painted whole car black with semi-gloss clear. Car was featured in the December 2009 edition of Ol' Skool Rodz.
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    ...So each finished taillight is precisely cut and created from 12 different pieces. Three taillights are needed to make each one.
  • 4bac24470b78b0ae5fdec756e078fa2b
    Park light teeth ready for rechrome.
  • B9aa95d4b75d410b9b0bdcd49db060cd
    Desoto grille installation and front bumper smoothing to get rid of license plate area. Bumper ends were adjusted to fit perfectly with fenders.
  • 3cd76d6314c1a21c1413a8dbc76513f4
    Rear bumper also spliced and smoothed. Previous bumper was customized to house Chevy taillights.
  • 40e4f041647a122dc94167ce6cf17f3a
    1954 Merc taillight is not wide enough for '51 quarter panels...
  • Ee3aea913cb5f03e80868c386f2f3327
    Desoto grille teeth being altered to house custom park light lenses.
  • 8b890c8d2324ab20c10239b7a622ef28
    Fabricated flush-mount skirts with no lip. Pretty straight, huh?
  • Ca54f5b78078987ef72944075ec9370a
    Car with finished customizations before glass reinstall and rechrome.
  • Afa794c56c29e29f86c1a5602eb549a6
    Fabricated skirts with lip. Two sets of skirts, both perfectly match the quarter panels.