Joseph's project from 5/3/15

Ingredients. 4 ounces of water 20 oz soda bottle 2 spoons of sugar Zinc Wire Copper Wire Making a single cell and a 2 cell battery from water and salt. Then eventually making a series of 7 cells. With multimeter, single cell's reading was .737 mV. 2 Cell reading was 1.552 mV and the 7 cell parallel circuit was 5.253 mV.
More May 4

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    7 cell circuit complete
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    With multimeter testing the 7 cell parallel circuit. The results were 5.253 mV.
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    Making a 2 Cell battery and tested the voltage with multimeter. Voltage was 1.552 mV
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    Setting up a 7 cell Parallel circuit.
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    Single Cell With multimeter, reading was .737 mV.