Matt's project from 7/27/15

Just another day at work using a range of .035 solid wire, .052 metal/flux core, .047 pipeliner flux core
More July 28

  • D64b86088824b28f7c46c6d30eb03769
    A lot of welding, .052 metal core, bevels against cord/pipe
  • F1cb133193fb9ce7dfa0e0279629319a
    Shot of both bevels filled. Six cover passes on left
  • 52263c4af4f8bc445c1d117a505e38b5
    Corner wrap of bevel, still needed complex tie in from the left
  • 8a9cdc57a4652669dc78b5a44188766e
    12" pipe to pipe/cord with 30degree bevel using .052 flux core
  • C186eb0d86b26790ac1316ca05488622
    Close up of both welds
  • Eb51232cb1ac7bdefdf70705f77b4cf1
    3/4" ear with 16mm weld using .052 metal core
  • 37d745a6648bc902dda5a10e0714a2f7
    Left side 35degree bevel filled 3/4" over flush