1125 Aircraft Wiring

These are a few photos representing some of my work from this section. This was my favorite section so far, also it was the most challenging.
More December 4

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    This was the most complex circuit we did, including two lamps and a horn.
  • A5b56b987b67362f5b518aa63d0f54dd
    This my best turret terminal.
  • B9adb021d1e91e07df6674e79638740c
    Showing how many wires were included and how I grouped and tied the wires together to clean it up.
  • 83e62f89a30109b49c5c4fa707fed65d
    The 2 lamps that were soldered on.
  • 34820adaa36ca75e6edabe6856f574e9
    This is my best bifurcated terminal.
  • 1c1793e7db7ef07c45d1da7322485a7e
    This was the only cannon plug I did, not the best, but I was not able to do more than one.