The movie "Van Helsing"

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    The director did not like the clock so we took it out and put in windows in a matter of a few days. ---------------->>>
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    Windows in process......
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    Exterior skylight and clock tower that Frankenstein is lifted out of. The tower (background) was about 50 feet high. You can see the top of a 12 step ladder in lower right.
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    Dracula's dining room. Made stair out of Styrofoam, carved it, then lath and plaster. Looking away from the front door.
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    Frankenstein laboratory
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    Building the attic of Notre Dame. Or called the bell tower. Had to do this out of all real 6 x 12's half-lapped, mortised, and everything in between.
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    Frankenstein laboratory
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    Frankenstein laboratory
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    Model of Dracula's torture chamber.
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    Dracula's foyer that we later turned into his dining room. Looking toward the front doors.--------------------->>>>>
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    All fake made of wood, plastic, and plaster.
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    Dracula's exterior castle
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    The torture chamber set "real". Kinda looks like model! It better with over a hundred pages of blueprints.
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    Dracula's exterior castle
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    Dracula's exterior castle
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    Dracula's laboratory. In the film, he stole a lot of things from Frankenstein's lab to put in his so there are a few elements that we moved from one set to the other.
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    Outside of the sets in the Hughes Hangers. Looking at the backside of Dracula's dining room.
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    Frankenstein laboratory
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    Dracula's exterior castle
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    Dracula's exterior castle built in the old Nasa/Boeing parking lot. I used a lot of storage containers to support the set and for green screen.
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    Frankenstein laboratory
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    Frankenstein's laboratory
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    Another rooftop. Cool pic. That was real sunlight coming through a skylight in the hanger roof.
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    Frankenstein laboratory
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    Frankenstein laboratory