Jack's project from 12/17/13

More December 17

  • Bc94b3a8885aa5c976ed2a0c3bb63a93
    Outsourced parts for ascender
  • 80c72ef6b363a7289f355fc9d60db229
    Copper shields for L-3
  • 6694d4b0e8b061af809084f83be5d574
    Enclosure for medical lapband device.
  • C72f523c82a7a64d0803f5322101817f
    Pole pieces for L-3
  • C5b78027b6812b78fccef591142f14d5
    Locating and positioning rings.
  • 7e62cf386ddf28f1873666745a1fe8ca
    Satellite housing and heat sinks
  • C679e8b7a16af450f74f3ce10c19ba4b
    Special wheel for private inventor.
  • 4f16aade27159e1b02ec53c564a3fe0d
    Various part for variety of customers.
  • 9d50b2e7bcb84da10f5e6656b19b719b
    Bronze bushings for the united air lines.
  • C45cd96a15aa8077866065161a9fd294
    Spiral oil Compressor.
  • 13fb019664bac07a034c32ddcbe2bab5
    Semiconductor surface ground slides
  • 5394571240028d88a897a12a41a7890d
    Engraving Plates and tags.