Adrain Padilla

Work Experience

  • video club

    1987-1989 | asst. manager

    Sold and rented videos Formulated work shift schedules and prepared payrole.

  • Morgan sand blasting and paint

    1989-1989 | sand blaster helper

    Sand blasted and painted large oil tanks

  • Target

    1989-1990 | Merchandise Stocker

    stocked Merchandise

  • United States Marine Corps

    1990-1991 | M1A1 tank mechanic

  • City of Amarillo water department

    1992-2001 | Meter Reader

    Meter reader

  • tyson

    2001-2007 | Manager support

    Supervised loading of beef on to railcars and trailers, bound for over seas customers and working with the USDA inspectors.

  • Highland Express Shuttle Service

    2010-2013 | Meps manager

    Supervised pick up of recruits and routes driven between Amarillo Meps and Lubbock recruiting center




  • United States Marine Corps

    1990-2001 | E-5

    Section leader in TOW platoon, Anti-tank tactics, certified Company Forward Observer and Forward Air Controller, Primary marksman instructor, M1A1 tank mechanic for turret and Hull.