Andrew Witt

Andrew Witt

Work Experience

  • Ruby Tequila's Soncy

    2010-2014 | Busser, Prep Cook, Take Out, Catering

    I started as a busboy, and worked my way into take out, and preperation cooking. My responsibilities included, keeping the store organized, taking, making, and gathering orders, and preparing the food for the cooks to use the following day.

  • Randall High School

    2010-2014 | Student

    The high school I attended and graduated with my Diploma.

  • Big 5 Sporting Goods

    2014-2015 | Sales; Cashier

    Greeting and helping customers in the work environment, handling money, keeping track of orders and placing new ones if a customer requests.

  • Marble Slab Creamery

    2015-2016 | Assistant Store Manage

    I work with customers to help resolve problems, take their orders, and handle the register. Customer satisfaction is a major part of my job and making sure that they are provided with the right service and their experience is a great one. I also do odd jobs around the store such as repairing tables, fridges, plumbing, and sometimes electrical devices.

  • Yellowhouse Machinery

    2016-2016 | Technician

    The company owned John Deere construction equipment which I would then perform maintenance on, or work on the engines, drive train, or transmission.

  • TrucKing Truck Lube

    2016-2016 | Oil Change Maintenance

    We service a number of commercial trucks, ranging from engine and transmission oil changes, greasing and lubricating the chassis and trailers of semi-trucks.

  • C&M Landscaping

    2017-2017 | Landscaper/ Maintenance

    Yard maintenance which includes mowing, edging, weed eating, and also cutting down trees and clearing out bushes or trimming them down. I have to know how to deal with customers and work outside all day in the elements.


  • Amarillo College Technical Education

    2014-Present | Technician

    The current school I am attending at the moment to earn my advanced certificate of completion in Diesel Technology. I am currently on my last semester, and am studying Diesel Engine Technology at the moment, I have completed my Basics and have even finished Power Trains I & II and Electrical Applications.