Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Green River Steel

    1996-1999 | Maintenance/Steel Inspector

    I completed inspections of completed steel, operated overhead crane, clamp truck and the cutting torch. I gained knowledge of universal hand signals, use of hooks, clamp, bungee rope, tie downs and air grinders. I was responsible for assisting the crane operator in transferring equipment, ground, and crane inspection using checklist and visual aid. I worked with safety between grown and to destination.

  • Labor Ready Inc

    1999-2001 | Electrician/Laborer

    I worked on various commercial sites and transported electrical and building materials. I also conducted cleanup, disposed of debris, and followed all safety rules.

  • moses electric

    2003-2004 | Electrician

    I ran conduit, trouble shooting and termination of commercial, residential and industrial wiring. I did wire pulling, three phase termination and PLC setting and termination. I also inspected electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair and to ensure compliance with all codes.

  • Clp Resource Inc.


  • Handyman/construction/landscaping/chef

    2006-2007 | Maintenance

    I installed ceiling fans, can lights, breakers, sprinklers, plumbing, light water lines (always following OSHA regulations), and conducted other small remodeling jobs. I restored/repaired flooring, cabinets, and A/C units. I was also responsible for painting, inspecting and servicing boiler, working with micro software, ordering parts and supplies, and shipping and receiving.

  • Express Personnel


  • Cornwell Tech

    2008-2009 | Electrician/Fire Watch

    I was responsible for pulling cables and assisting electrician with daily electrical duties. I was also required to conduct the safety of welder as a firewatcher and assist the welder in daily duties.

  • Self-Employed

    2010-Present | Handyman/Maintenance

    Repairs in private homes and businesses as needed. General duties include electrical, flooring installation clearing and repairing units in apartment complexes between occupancies, performing renovations on properties, maintaining general upkeep such as electrical, flooring, plumbing, painting, clearing drainpipes and always ensuring proper disposal techniques are adhered to.