Brandon Haydon

Brandon Haydon

Work Experience

  • Shamrock Materials Inc

    2000-2009 | Sales, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager

    Shamrock Materials provides ready-mix concrete, a diverse line of concrete accessories and building materials, as well as masonry, stone products (click to view our Natural Stone site) and landscaping materials. Shamrock has been one of northern California's leading suppliers of building materials and concrete accessories since 1954. Contractors, builders, landscapers and the do-it-yourself-homeowners all utilize Shamrock as a resource because of its extensive product line and knowledgeable experts on staff. To get your plans off the ground, Shamrock has what it takes! More and more landscape architects and contractors are using Shamrock for their one-stop source for all of their building and landscaping materials needs. Our selection is unbeatable and deliveries are on site, on time.