Caleb Buchanan

Caleb Buchanan

Work Experience

  • Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

    2002-2007 | Warehouse worker

    Operated diesel and propane forklifts, frontend loaders, stakebody trucks and pickup trucks ● Moved and stocked materials throughout the warehouse, weighing between 40 and 100 pounds by hand. ● Worked with the general public ● Loaded purchased supplies into vehicles

  • Shapiro & Duncan

    2007-2009 | welders helper / pipefitter

    ● Able to read and understand blueprints. ● Operated and maintained power tools (drills, grinders, welder, electric hoists, etc.). ● Operated pneumatic and electric jack hammers. ● Performed layout for boiler rooms using measuring devices and marking equipment (Laser levels, water levels, etc.). ● Operated a Highlifter forklift to stage material and equipment in the work area. ● Ability to use different types of hand tools, including various hoisting devices ● Performed layout, compensating for steel fittings, flanges, valves etc., following local codes ● Ability to fit and tack steel pipe into place by following blueprints ● Ability to weld pipe joints to ASME gidelines. ● Operated and preformed preventive maintenance on various pieces of equipment. ● Able to operate CAT 955 bull dozer, tractors with front blades, bobcats and backhoes to dig trenches and level ground after sewer and water systems installations, using all proper personal protective equipment (PPE). ● Completed inhouse forklift safety program, frontend loader safety program, and completed an 8 hour OSHA safety coarse

  • NTech Mechanical

    2010-2011 | Plumber / Hvac Apprentice

    ● Able to layout, fit, install and sweat copper pipe, both for Potable water and Drain/Waste/Vent (DWV) Systems, ● Able to layout, fit and install PVC piping, for both DWV and CPVC. ● Able to layout, cut, fit and install cast iron and ductile iron piping, ● Performed layout work, compensating for fittings flanges valves Etc. ● Able to layout, cut, thread, fit and install steel T&C gas piping using pipe threading machine, and hand dies. ● Able to install HVAC units, ductwork, gas heaters and variable air volume (VAV) units. ● Cut and field bent conduit to spec for wiring installations

  • Self-Employed

    2011-Present | General work / Maintenance / farm help / welding / repairs

    Operate farm equipment and tractors with the following attachments: bush hog, tiller, hay rake, auger, and mower decks. ● Perform minor vehicle maintenance such as fluid changes, brake work, battery changes and minor component changes. ● Experienced in painting walls, ceilings, floors, windows and trim. ● Able to perform pothole repairs, using cold patch and asphalt. ● Ability to build wooden concrete forms, pour and finish concrete. ● Able to lay brick and block and strike mortar joints. ● Ability to measure, cut and hang dry wall, tape and float/feather out joints. ● I am able to perform work safely and efficiently, observing all safety regulations and procedures and wearing all personal protective equipment ● I have used regularly powder activated and butane nail guns, power saws, drills, and angle grinders