Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • United States Air Force

    1984-1987 | Training Specialist/On The Job Training Manager

    Responsible for scheduling training sessions, conducted training staff assistance visits, scheduled use of facilities and equipment. Administered tests and updated test scores. Reviewed overall training programs, identified and corrected training deficiencies. Reviewed proper training documentation required to demonstrate proficiency of trained personnel. Maintained and updated training publications, conducted meetings to discuss new procedures, techniques, publications and requirements. Supervised and managed new personnel, plan work assignments. Established and maintained work standards, counseled, trained and assigned personnel, evaluated performance of individuals.

  • U.S Air Force, Foreign Military Affairs Group

    1987-1989 | Foreign Military Training

    Responsible for planning, programming, implementing and managing USAF-sponsored Security Assistance Training programs for 17 countries in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Fulfilled staff requests for training from various foreign embassies and providing pricing information on courses requiring attendance by identified students. Scheduled students, acted for the State Department to authorize students travel to and from the United States and tracked student progress while in training. Recommended remedial training for those students that were failing core training classes. Notified embassies of student disciplinary problems and corrective actions needed. Maintained file on each students progress from beginning to end of training course. Conducted field visits to training centers to identify follow on training as needed. Represented the Air Training Command at international training meetings where long-term foreign country objectives were developed. Established training core programs for various specialties required to perform desired training objectives outlined training meetings. Tested students to identify their level of understanding and comprehension of the English language prior to attendance of formal training. Recommended which level of training needed to increase the students’ knowledge of English required before attending training courses.

  • U.S Air Force, Foreign Military Affairs Group

    1990-1992 | AF Occupational Squadron Instructional Systems Development

    Obtained Top Secret Clearance required to perform assigned duties. Using the instructional system development (ISD) method, produced training requirement analyses for all diverse Air Force specialties to facilitate training methods selected to train Air Force Personnel. Served as the liaison between Air Training Command and all U.S. Air Force major commands for the development and implementation and updating of training programs. Conducted Field interviews, reviewed publications with subject matter experts to glean data to develop, administer, test, and implement new or update existing training programs.

  • Various Oil/Gas Field Companies

    1992-2008 | Supervisor, Crew Leader, Trainer

    Directed crews to set-up water transfer pipe line to use for the purpose of getting water staged in containers to be used in fracturing (Frac) purposes. Drove company truck to transport personnel and materials to and from designated work sites. Established training procedures to follow to assemble water transfer lines. Ensured all safety procedures and guidelines established were adhered to. Ensured that all personnel wore all personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by law, i.e. steel toe shoes, safety gloves and glasses and the proper wear of hardhats. Trained all personnel new to the field environment on the safe proper techniques required to perform their job. Trained personnel how to safely connect water pipe using clamps to hold securely together without pinching their fingers while working with gloves. Demonstrated the proper techniques of handling field materials when subjected to harsh terrain and conditions. Established procedures required to communicate in a noisy environment. Trained personnel on the proper communication skills and signals required to perform their tasks in an environmentally challenging surroundings. Supervised all assigned personnel in the field as required, usually 20-30 personnel. Communicated with upper management team to establish emergency evacuation procedures. Identified safety hazards involved with Fracing as well head and ensured that personnel involved are completely aware of them.

  • Atk Mission Research

    2009-2010 | Shipping/Receiving/Materials Handling/Safety/Training/Facilities Manager

    Conducted interviews, collected research, developed training aids to establish or re-vamp training curriculum and procedures. Coordinated, conducted and documented safety meetings. Developed test and measurement tools to monitor cognitive learning process, tracked accuracy to evaluate program integrity. Coordinated, scheduled and set-up training meetings with outside vendors. Conducted walk-through inspections, identified and corrected safety issues, Vendor Liaison for facilities work performed. Maintained Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) data base. Inventoried, tracked, and maintained records of tools on loan, and parts required for daily maintenance procedures. Updated new materials received into the data base system with quantities and storage locations. Conducted daily cycle counts and updated into data base system. Identified materials that are to be packed and shipped to another location either by freight delivery or via Ups system. Received and inspected aircraft kits for specific aircraft and entered data into data base system. Using data base system, entered identification information to locate parts for installation by production personnel. Responsible for receipt and routing of incoming and outgoing deliveries. Assisted with the coordination efforts to manage and maintain facilities as per ATK policies and procedures. Assisted with the best search for vendor services rendered and maintained escort procedures while on the premises. Ensured that all vendors checked in at all times and issued escort badge for those personnel.

  • United Graphics Materials Handling

    2010-2011 | Warehouse Materials Handling/ Safety/Training- Certified Fork Lift Operator

    Used proprietary system to create and maintain a record of Job Tickets processed daily. Responsible for gathering customer shipments from various departments. Responsible for identifying, classifying and segregating packages by delivery types. Ensured that each package was properly scanned and properly tagged to proper destination. Identified and assisted personnel with the exact destination and shipping dates of materials shipped. Loaded and unloaded materials on and off delivery trucks as designated. Responsible for ensuring pallets wrapped securely using AWS according to delivery service guidelines, and routed through appropriate service. Responsible for tracking of sensitive shipments for Customer Service. Assisted customers at Will Call. Responsible for receipt and routing of vendor and package deliveries. Responsible for the maintenance of warehouse area, securing facility at end of day. Trained and certified in the operation of Fork Truck and Electric Pallet Jack. Responsible for safe delivery of packages and other materials using fork lift and/ or electric pallet jack throughout the facility.

  • Air Force