Carmelo Ortiz

Work Experience

  • Automotive Maintenance Contractor

    1986-1988 | Owner/ Supervisor

    I owned and supervised the work of 10 automotive mechanics to maintain a float of 75 light duty vehicles and lift trucks for an oil company.

  • Frank Zamboni & Co.

    1990-1996 | Design Engineer

    Design hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems for a Zamboni ice re-surfacer machine. My major task was to design from concept, prototype, document and then put into production the all-Electric ice-resurfacing machine.

  • Sweet Market Inc.

    1993-2008 | Store Manager

    Manager of a chain of 5 candy stores in the Los Angeles area. Each store had an inventory of over 250-bulk candy and nuts. • Oversee the whole business operation • Supervise and schedule all employee shifts and duties • Purchase all merchandise and supplies needed based on weekly inventory lists • Search for new products and negotiate new leases

  • Oregon Chain Co.

    2008-2011 | Mechanical Engineer

    I was responsible for supervising and maximizing production as well as designing new tooling for production.