Daniel Lounsberry

Daniel Lounsberry

Work Experience

  • Vee Dennis Manufacturing

    2005-2008 | tig/mig welder/fabricator

    ¨ Welding of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Steel ¨ Held Dimensions within .005 of an inch ¨ Mig and Arc weld material, set up for and spot welded parts ¨ Experience in using Acetylene torch and Plasma cutter, forklift operator, set up kick press, hand press, fabricate small parts, timesave and deburred parts ¨ Used scrap material to save company money, informed new ideas ¨ Making own Fixtures, also used and set up for pemserter machines ¨ Worked under pressure with great communication with co-workers ¨ Always on time for work and jobs, and was available for all overtime when needed.

  • Wecom Manufacturing

    2009-2011 | TIG/MIG, Shop Work

    ¨ Welded Industrial size air conditioning units for military /government. ¨ Material welded were Stainless, Aluminum, Hot and Cold rolled Steel ¨ Forklift operator, Worked under pressure and communicated well with co-workers and Supervisors, Kept area neat and organized ¨ Reading and understanding of Blue prints. Tig and Mig welding

  • Garvey Corporation

    2011-2014 | tig/mig welder/fabricator

    ¨ Welded Conveyor and Sheetmetal parts along with frames. ¨ Made own fixtures for parts, read and understand Blue Prints ¨ Spot welded parts along with set up ¨ Tig and Mig welded Stainless, Aluminum, Hot and Cold rolled material. ¨ Made repairs to various machines in our shop, which saved money for the company. ¨ Suggested cost effective ideas, which were implemented. ¨ Held tolerances and double checked over work ¨ Used Acetylene Torch, Plasma cutter, cut off saw. ¨ Was versatile in many areas of the facility. ¨ Worked under pressure with time sensitive jobs, prioritized work and communicated well with all co-workers and Supervisors. ¨ Problem Solving, and New Ideas.


  • Technical Institute of Camden County

    Professional Welding Diploma

    ¨ Welding Diploma 2005’ ¨ Certificate Of Completion in Occupational testing program conducted in accordance with the standards of NOCTI in the field of welding. ¨ Certificate of Completion in Continuing Education Units in welding