David Gibson

David Gibson

Work Experience

  • Mason & Hanger, Silas Mason Company - Pantex Plant

    1973-1977 | Apprentice Toolmaker

    Nuclear Weapons Assembly plant. Served 8,000 hour apprenticeship. Great education.

  • Chevron Phillips

    1977-1978 | Machinist

    I didn't realize how much state tax there was in Oklahoma. Wow! Must get back to Texas.

  • Asarco

    1978-1981 | Maintenance Machinist

    Amarillo Copper Refinery

  • Diversified Industrial Service Company

    1978-1982 | Precision Machinist

    Drilling rig parts manufacturing.

  • A&A Drilling

    1982-1985 | Production Manager/ Project Manager

    Aircraft Parts

  • Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

    1985-1988 | Foreman, Machining

    Supervised machining activities.

  • Colman Mfg. Co.

    1988-2013 | President/Owner

    Produced business machine repair parts, everything from typewriter parts to large postal sorter repair parts. Started as a design/manufacturing engineer and purchased the company in 1995.

  • Amarillo ISD

    2013-Present | Precision Machining Instructor

    I teach Precision Machining and Advanced Precision Machining providing students with articulated credit, dual credit and NIMS credentials.