David Lawson

David Lawson

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant

    2005-2010 | Utility Maintenance

    Administration of fire safety for the welders. General labor. Clean up of welders as they finish their jobs. In attendance for any cool down periods.

  • Van Dellen

    2012-2013 | Flux Core Welder

    FCAW welding on structural beams. Plug welded if someone drilled the holes wrong. Use of overhead crane, measuring tape, square.


  • G.R.C.C.


    I was taught welding on the various joint types, positions, and varieties of welding. Including oxyacetylene torch welding, arc welding (6010,7018), MIG welding, FCAW, and some TIG welding on mild steel.