Delbert Jackson

Work Experience

  • Atherton High School

    1969-1972 | High School Diploma

  • Tradesman international

    2003-2003 | Construction Apprentice

    Laid out foundations, excavated plots, built rebar cages for reinforcement of concrete footers for walls, machine pads and overhead pipe towers. Worked with pouring and finishing concrete surfaces. Built concrete block and brick walls. Installed roofing, walls, partitions and drop ceilings in renovation of office buildings and homes. Used nail guns, chop saws, drills, concrete vibrators and mixers, all varieties of power hand tools, overhead lifts, forklifts, cutting torches, laser levels and other measuring devices.

  • R.S. Hanline, Inc.

    2007-2007 | Maintenance Mechanic

    Maintained all varieties of Food Processing Machines and Lines, including Cutters, Wrappers, Baggers, Sorters, Chillers and Sanitizers. Maintained the facility, running new power lines to supply 480 drop cords, running conduit and wire to supply new machine installation, as well as all sump pumps, chopper pumps and other plumbing needs. Maintained company forklifts, man lifts and other conveying equipment.

  • Magnesium Aluminum Corporation

    2003-2007 | Maintenance Technician

    Troubleshoot and repair hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and electronic PLC issues on HPM die cast machines, trim presses, sump pumps and general facility maintenance. Install, tear down and move, reset machines, including electrical, (110-480 3-phase), water, air, lubrication and hydraulics. Install automation cells on die cast machines, including updates on Allen-Bradley PLC’s. Troubleshoot and repair RimRock, ABB and Advanced ladles, reciprocators and extractors. Troubleshoot, maintain and perform preventative maintenance on vibes, conveyors and tumbler/ dryers. Installed, removed and maintained gas and electrical hot well furnaces as well as Schaeffer and MPH melting furnaces. Performed preventative maintenance on all facility equipment. Set up dies in the machine, updated the Visi-Trak control system with new setting and process the part. While I was employed here, we were able to secure a 37 million dollar contract from Daimler/ Chrysler because of machine up time and the ability to automate machine cells.

  • Jay Plastics

    2007-2009 | Maintenance Technician

    Maintained machine systems for 16 Engel and 10 HPM and 1 Husky Plastic Injection Molding machines. This included preventative maintenance, hydraulic, electrical, PLC, pneumatic, and mechanical troubleshooting and repair, on both machines and corresponding robots. Installed metalizing lines utilizing ABB AC/DC inverter drives, Direct Logic PLC controls, and Lybolt vacuum centers. Ran conduit for power lines, up to 480 volts A/C, installed transformer banks for 13,200 VAC and load centers. Maintained chillers, boilers, compressors, centrifuges, CNG fill station for forklifts. Rebuilt plastic grinders, installed Torit Downdraft System, conveyors for handling materials to and from work stations. Built control panels for IR heaters in baking oven, driver control panels for water pumps and pneumatic slides on paint booth.

  • Self-Employed

    2009-2011 | Commercial/ Residential Preservation

    Performed preservation on commercial and residential properties that are in foreclosure by banks and financial institutions. Upkeep of building stability by appraising/ repairing structural members, roofing, doors, windows, water damage, electrical hazards and overall building integrity. Kept up the property appearance by mowing lawns, snow removal, boarding up windows and picking up trash. As needed, we ran auxiliary power sources to supply power for preservation work. When necessary, we drained hydraulic fluid from loading dock plates.

  • M-Tronics

    2012-Present | Automation Technician

    Installed free standing Arc-Doyle folder/ gluer with automated stackers, which required moving the pieces of the machine into place, aligning, attaching, leveling and placing all the peripherals in place. This included two (2) dedicated runs of 480 VAC for the actual machine as well as the necessary air and lubricant lines. Also installed was a fully automated conveyor system for moving folded boxes to the main conveyor line for banding, which required another run of 480 VAC as well as control wiring for the photo eye system and PLC controls.



  • United States Navy

    I was a Work Center Supervisor while spending 11 ½ years in the U.S. Navy, overseeing the weapons and weapons control systems of twelve (12) F-14 aircraft, as well as 25 personnel assigned to the work center, including all required logs, tool control, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as well as personnel evaluations.