Douglas Watson


Work Experience

  • United States Army

    2008-2012 | Allied Trade Specialist

    Perform various welding applications, Mig, Tig, Stick, Flux Core (Duel shield), Fabrication processes, Plasma cutter, Oxy acetylene torch. train and teach new soldiers on various welding applications, vehicle recovery, crane and fork lift operations.

  • GlideRite Corp.

    2012-2013 | Lead Technician

    Maintenance on heavly duty dollies and carts, mig welding, and HVAC

  • CSS Fabrication

    2013-2013 | Welder/fitter

    Mig welding on various types of pipes and pipe supports.

  • Siemens Industry INC. Rail Systems Division

    2013-2014 | Welder/fitter

    Fit and weld front cab body shell for Amtrak train cars using mig welding.


  • US ARMY Ordinance Center and School

    2008-2009 | Metal Working

    Learn multiple welding processes and fabrications techniques.

  • American River College

    2014-Present | welding technology

    Still going there in persuit of my degree in welding technolgy. when im finished will have more experience in fluxcore, mig, tig, and stick welding, welding inspection, ultra sonic testing, and mathmatics for welding technicians.