Eugene Pozdeev

Eugene Pozdeev

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Sacramento Job Corps

    2006-2007 | General Carpenter and Construction Worker

    A great deal of hands on experience, worked on various projects like setting the foundation for a warehouse, minor electrical work, demolition and recreation and other general tasks through this work based program. Earned associates.

  • Benetton

    2002-2009 | Stock Manager

    Unloaded and processed merchandise for store sale; priced, sorted and stocked items as well as responsible for managing store front, stock room and various merchandise.

  • Rite Aid Pharmacy

    2009-2009 | Cashier/Clerk

    A great deal of customer service experience, always courteous and helpful to customers and coworkers alike, recognized by upper management for being an exception team member.

  • Benicia Yacht Club

    2010-2011 | Server/ Caterer

    Catered for numerous occasions; weddings, party’s and other social events. Adapted easily in a very fast paced business.

  • Floors on First

    2013-2013 | Volunteer Carpenter

    Worked on mostly flooring during my short duration, but picked up a great deal of experience through coworkers.