Fernando Ramirez

Work Experience

  • Creative Communications

    Assigned to set up, troubleshoot, fix, wires and phone to potential customers’ residence. Obtained work from administrator and prepared competent route. Accurately prepared paper work and inventory reports. Reviewed work orders and obtained necessary material to complete each order.

  • Jadar Low Voltage

    Installed necessary cable electrical system and hardware. Assured proper signal levels and picture quality on all television sets. Cleaned trash and materials after the installation. Monitored and recorded system drop and in house leakage. Maintained inventory of daily logs and gas sheets as necessary. Properly recorded all required information on work orders, surveys and referrals. Performed duties such as connecting, disconnecting and upgrading cables.

  • Attom Airways

    A&P Mechanic Assistant

    Installed, and repaired, components of landing gear on aircraft, and hydraulic components. Completed an (A-D) request on repair of overhead Bins module. Removed and installed Oxygen Generating Emergency Systems. Worked on interior part of aircraft, helped install aircraft cockpit seats. Cleaned and Inspected my work assuring great craftsmanship.

  • Allens Air Compressors

    Electrical Mechanic

    Performing various types of trouble shooting and repairs, on all types of air compressors pressurizing up to 200 psi. Also installing all plumbing and electrical needed to put air compressors into service. Keeping up with All Preventive maintenance to avoided major Break downs or even prevent injuries. All services and repairs logged and recorded on file in an organized way. Keep inventory and order parts at company's set budget.