Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Alden Research Laboratory

    2006-2017 | Group Leader / Tech 3

    Work Experience Alden Research Laboratories, Holden, MA Oct 2006 to August 2017 Group leader/Technician 3 /: Air and Gas Flow Modeling Group • Group leader for the Air And Gas construction and testing shop. Responsible for day to day operations in the shop assigning people to projects, assisting them with issues and needs in order to keep projects on track. I kept track of supplies and materials, ordering supplies as needed. I worked with the engineers to help them work through issues with projects, whether it is time constraints, deadlines etc… or what personnel, equipment and materials are to be used. I also brought in more safety related equipment and procedures to the shop. Instructing other employees on the safe use of the machinery located in the shop. I interacted with employees from the other groups within Alden Research Labs to assist them with needs they may have from us. Whether it’s assisting them with construction, helping with testing or preparing a facility for a new project. Set up scheduling with them so that we may use their assistance if needed. • Responsible for the design interpretation and construction of large scale models of coal power plant equipment, such as Fabric filters, NID systems, scrubbers and absorbers, Brick drying systems. Helicopter blade test beds. Gas turbine systems for power generation. We build models to simulate existing conditions or possible conditions at power plants etc… and then test the model for air flow characteristics, dust tests, water and solid studies, etc. • Initial testing for required changes due to changing EPA regulations for air quality control devices as well as the testing of new designs for power plants. • Interpretation of blueprints and creation of models using various mediums including: Acrylic, Wood, Sheet metal, PVC and Plywood. Models vary in size dramatically from 8’ square to the larger 10’ by 22’ by 75’. • Once the model is constructed, we run air flow tests using a Pitot tube and/or hot wire along with a data acquisition unit to define air flow patterns. As we identify areas with unstable air velocities, patterns and air pressures, changes and modifications are made to the unit and then retested. This would be done until the model reaches the specified goals laid out by industry standards or customer guidelines. On the larger models air flow in general and air flow restrictions were difficult to observe, so I designed and constructed a high volume smoke machine which is now used to help visualize the air flow. • I have built myself a test model that I use for problem solving. For example, I built a diffuser air model. Diffusers have flow issues that have been difficult or expensive to solve. I was looking for a method to make these diffusers more effective. • I am usually the person the Engineers will call upon to take care of a difficult projects. When a complex project comes along that is outside of our normal comfort zone I enjoy the challenge of finding a way to construct it and bring the job to completion. • I made several improvements to the modeling shop. From completely organizing the shop to work more effectively to introducing new construction jigs. I brought welding into the shop. Having and sharing my previous woodworking and metal working skills along with the availability of tools has let us keep costs down and shorten the construction time by not having to rely on outside vendors or searching out bids. I also brought a more creative approach to the shop. • As a leader through the years I have taken the knowledge that I have accrued and developed a respectful straight forward approach. I want my co-workers to be happy about coming to work. When I lead they work with me not for me. I want them to succeed and be the best that they can be. I believe in sharing all knowledge so that everyone succeeds. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and sharing new skills with co-workers. Seeing the confidence and abilities in my co-workers grow is very rewarding. I view occasional mistakes as an opportunity for someone to learn and grow. • I work both independently and within a team of engineers and technicians to bring projects in on budget and on schedule.

  • Waste Management

    Lead Bill Collector

    Waste Management Inc., Westborough, MA Lead Collector - I was the lead collections representative until the department was moved to New Hampshire. I traveled to the NH office and trained some the new team... • Lead collector – I reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) from 55-60 day average to 26 days. • Excellent Problem resolution skills – I worked with people both on the phone and in person • Responsible for department training Sr. Billing Clerk, Billing Dept • Prepared invoices for all container services for the Boston area averaging 250 invoices daily. • Prepared and maintained spreadsheets and weight slips detailing disposal tonnage over a specific time period.

  • Worcester Orthopedic and appliance Co.

    Wheel chair Tech

    • Duties consisted of on the road repairs of electric and manual wheel chairs. • Inside repairs, custom work building and fitting of custom devices and equipment to electric and manual wheel chairs. • Organizing of warehouse, arranging of parts and equipment by manufacturer, type of equipment and part number. • Selling of manual wheelchairs and small medical devices. • Dealing directly with severely to mildly handicapped clients, Physical Therapists, Manufactures and their representatives in person and by phone on a daily basis.

  • Atlantic Rehab

    Wheel chair Tech.

    • Repaired electric and manual wheel chairs at medical facilities and private homes

  • Self-Employed

    Self Employed

    Self Employed 1997-1999 • Restored antique photographs using Photoshop, Restored and built furniture • Worcester DCU Center-part time Stage hand setting up concerts and business shows