Gerald Daley

Work Experience

  • Aerotech

    2007-2007 | Electrican Appentice

    I would go to different all wal marts and do remodel thru the hole store and travel to different state and do other walmarts

  • Tesco Electric

    2010-2010 | Electrican apprentice

    Pull wire in to panle boxes and wire them up all so hang lights up thru out the store

  • Parra Electrica

    2010-2010 | Electrican apprentice

    Help Electrican pull wire and hang light up in stores all so hang emt pipe

  • Winbak Farms

    2010-2011 | Stable attendant

    Water, feed, groom, clean ther stall and put fresh straw down

  • Bayside Community Network

    2011-2011 | Maintenance Mechanic

    Change oil & filter in buss and van all so work on home that bayside had

  • Williams Quick Lube

    2012-2013 | Vehicle Maintenance

    Change oil & filter in car and trucks, Air Conditioning , fuel Injection

  • Porter Ford

    2013-2013 | Vehicle Maintrnance

    Change oil & filter in car and trucks