Jack Odom


  • Mike Ryan

    Mike Ryan

    Jack Odom has a very good work ethic, and is a team-player. He has excellent people skills and he is a quick learner. I can recommend him for any position that requires technical proficiency, dealing with the public, and working with others.
  • Don Allred

    Don Allred

    Jack odom is honest and hard working. He worked for me after school for 2 years.

Work Experience

  • Mill Iron Ranches

    2012-2013 | Ranch Hand

    I assisted with the ranching, farming and lease hunting activities; operated heavy equipment such as tractors and front end loaders; helped work cattle in the spring and fall branding, flanking, administering vaccines, and applying parasite control. I also guided hunts for ranch guests and helped with wildlife management including population control. Other duties included ranch maintenance, building new fences and welding updated corals.

  • A&K Meat Processing

    2010-2014 | Meat Department

    My duties included skinning and processing deer, cattle, pigs and goats and working with customers and inventory management. I performed various operations while preparing the meat to be processed such as de-boning, grinding, packaging and boxing the meat for storage and various cleaning tasks and other miscellaneous duties. I worked nights and weekends in conjunction with my responsibilities at Mill Iron Ranches.

  • TAC Air

    2014-Present | Line Service Tech.

    I am currently working as a Line Service Tech. Duties include servicing aircraft fuel and oil needs along with various customer service tasks including assisting crews/passengers with baggage/cargo. I have become proficient in basic airport operations, communicating with ground control while towing aircraft across the airfield to and from hangers. I work closely with coworkers to provide a safe work environment for all parties involved; provide aircraft cleaning services including exterior/interior detailing as well as lavatory services; train new employees to become proficient Line Techs.