Licenses & Certifications

Tools & Equipment

Work Experience

  • US Air Force, US and worldwide

    2007-2013 | Aerospace Mechanic

    Aerospace Mechanic: Six years of Aircraft Mechanical Experience in inspecting, maintaining, modifying, testing, and repairing of propellers, turboprop engines and engine ground support equipment; serving as Engine Ground Support Equipment Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor and Program Manager.

  • The UPS Store

    2013-2014 | Package Handler

    Package Handler: One month experience of inspecting, sorting, and stacking of boxes, packages, and items on to local trucks for shipment.


  • Maplewood Baptist Academy

    2002-2007 | High Scool Diploma

    Class involved: the basic Study, Writing, Math, English and Science skills required for day to day use.

  • USAF Basic Military Training


    Class involved: Military Discipline, Code of Conduct, and understanding the Command structure of the USAF.

  • Tech School

    2007-2007 | Military Training

    Class involved: how to read the Technical Manuel, how to calculate Torque Wrenches, how to do basic maintenance on propellers, turbo-shaft and turbo-fan engines, and some helicopter engine basics.


  • United States Air Force

    2007-2013 | E4

    Aerospace Mechanic; I disassembled, inspected, assembled, and tested C-130 engines and propellers.

  • United States Air Force

    2009-2013 | E4

    Hazardous Material Manager: I trained personal in safety and handling of Hazardous material and waste; I tested, stored, and disposed of hazardous material.

  • United States Air Force

    2009-2013 | E4

    Equipment Manager: I trained personnel in the use, storage, and inspection of all equipment. I used, inspected, repaired, tested and modified; trailers, holding units, testing equipment and other equipment.