Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Benjie's Auto Sales

    2009-2012 | Laborer

    I was responsible for the auto body restoration, detail and paint. I did bids for customers and towed vehicles when the paint shop was not busy and overnight.

  • Garsite

    2010-2013 | Paint shop supervisor

    I was promoted to Paint Shop Supervisor after starting off as a painter then being promoted to assistant supervisor. I managed a team of six men. I was responsible for overseeing timelines, performing employee evaluations, performing quality control, scheduling, and managing stock. After a very short amount of time, I was given Tri-State Tank’s paint obligations to manage as well. As painter, I painted a variety of industrial equipment including trucks, carts, and skids with elaborate piping. At times, I painted up to five colors on one item.

  • Self-Employed


    I perform body restoration, detail, paint, and graphics on both automobiles and motorcycles. I have extensive knowledge of a number of tools necessary to complete these duties. I do bids for customers involving parts, paint and labor pricing.