Jeffrey Guidry

Jeffrey Guidry

Licenses & Certifications

Work Experience

  • Performance Contractors

    2009-2011 | Helper

    learned how to read prints including elevation specifics. grew out of childish ways and earned my keep everyday; paid attention to extreme detail and craftsmanship.

  • JV Industrial

    2011-2011 | B Craft Pipefitter

    Successful installation of huge quad stack light green flare along with other small projects at Invista in Orange,Tx.

  • Turner Industries Group, LLC

    2012-2012 | B Craft Pipefitter

    Citgo- shutdown including replacing header on top of B-reformer. Conoco- patch work inside of vessel, along with Big Bertha and 3" bolts on header piping. Heavy crane needed, no incidents Ppg- forklift certification within company, maintenance crew . also shutdown work in PHH. fresh air jobs with acceptable results.

  • Polaris Construction

    2012-2020 | B Craft Pipefitter

    No day is ever the same. current location working is in New Orleans, LA. Great group of guys I work with. I joined late but we hold a 2 year incident free record here on site. Best startup record without leaks, fastest and safest time removing light distillation (others 3-4 days) is 1 1/2 days. Fastest time pulling and replacing a glass vessel lid surrounded with J bolts and associated piping is(others 72) 16 hours. On the maintenance crew as well taking care of busy work while things run smooth. Drawing prints and building pipe isn't hard. it's all in how much you want to know and how well you catch on. Stay safe, work smart, be aware