Work Experience

  • Varco, Co./ Shaffer

    1997-1998 | Sales/ Service

    • Blow Out Preventer Service Technician, shop work, dispatched trucks, loaded trucks with forklift/crane, processed reports, inspected Blow Out Preventers, Assisted with Billing, Processed field service tickets

  • Texas Dept of Criminal Justice

    1998-1999 | Corrections Officer

    • Guarded inmates, processed paperwork, shift work, worked in various parts of the unit

  • Acme Truck Line, Inc.

    1999-2000 | Owner/ Operator

    • City and Field Sales, Operated a one-ton with mini-float, hauled pipe, tools, etc to oilfield locations, processed field tickets, 24 hr calls, Operated a Monorail Truck, Attended Monthly Safety Meetings with Acme, Attended Safety Meetings for major oil companies such as Exxon/ Mobil & Conoco/ Phillips, etc.

  • Diamond Services / Kevin Stewart Construction

    2000-2008 | President - Owner

    • Sales ( City & Field Sales), Service, Processed Field Tickets, Reports, Customer Relations, Attended Safety Meetings for major oil companies such as Exxon / Mobil & Conoco / Phillips, etc. • Operated Gin Pole Truck, Forklifts, Backhoes, Dozers, Excavators, Misc Welding

  • Kevin Stewart Homes, Inc.

    2007-2014 | Project Manager

    • Scheduling / Estimating / Supervised Residential / Commercial Construction, Hiring / Terminating Employees, Approving Billing, Customer Relations, Employee Evaluations, Developed New Procedures, Daily Reports

  • Craftsmanship By john

    2014-2015 | Sr Project Manager

    High end Remodel

  • Unique Builders & Development inc.

    2010-Present | Sr. Project Manager

  • Unique Builders & Development inc.

    2010-Present | Sr. Project Manager

  • Modern Construction Management

    2015-Present | Founder/ CEO

    Hello My name is Jeremy Howard. I have been a residential and commercial project manager for 9 years. I am proficient in every aspect of this industry. I have used most builder softwares. I have excelled at the companies I have worked at previously. I have sold change orders larger than most projects. The largest being just north of 400k. I am profit driven and have great communication skills. I have been turning a dollar into a dollar forty for over ten years. If these qualities sound like they would enhance your company please give me a call. Thank you very much for your time have a great day. God Bless. Jeremy Howard 713-201-4033