Jerome Shileld

Jerome Shileld

Work Experience

  • Texas Arris

    1995-2001 | Engeering asstant

    Maintained and upgraded CAD-CAM network, Oversaw production of aircraft tooling, Ran mill and lath, Established and maintained engineering library which included blueprints, specifications, and compliance records. Oversaw quality control and maintained documentation of compliance,• Used Norton Editor in combination with auto CAD to do two axis CNC programming for machining applications, Drew new mechanical drawings, Maintained and updated existing drawings

  • KFDA News Ch. 10

    2007-Present | Production assistant

    806-383-1010 Floor Director, Camera Operator, Severe Weather Producer, Camera operator, audio operator. responsible for train new staff

  • Rendezvous Bronze Foundry

    Wax technician

    Maintained and operated the computer run temperature control system, Produced wax models for use in lost wax castings. Produced the ceramic molds for bronze castings, Hand poured cast bronze, Operated burnout oven, Operated smelter

  • University of Oregon Allied Sciences Machine Shop

    Shop Superviser

    Supervised and trained graduate students in using machining equipment, Taught shop safety, Ran mill and lath, Designed and built equipment for research programs, Aided in installation of equipment for research, Supervised heat treating