Work Experience

  • United States Army

    2006-2009 | E-5

    Duties Included: -Assisted in property accountability. -Responsible for request, receipt, issue, and accountability of individual, organizational, installation, and expendable supplies and equipment. -Involved in making sure soldiers had all proper safety equipment. -Managed small groups of people in specialized training. -Managed the health, and personal welfare of soldiers. -Set up and Lead Physical Fitness Tests. -Project Development/Management.

  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab

    2014-Present | Human Resources Recruiter & Recruitment Supervisor

    Working as a Recruiting Speacialist for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. We're hiring for many jobs, and Myself and other trained specialist's check our Job boards daily and screen our candidates. So dont be discouraged to apply!


  • California State University, East Bay

    2010-2014 | Bachelors of Science, Business Administration

    B.S in Business Administration Emphasis in Human Resources and Information Technology. Focusing in human resources, specifically recruiting.



  • All Branches

    2006-1940 | All Ranks

    We are proud of our country and want to continue to serve those who served for us! As a fellow veteran working in the private sector now, I was faced with the hardship of translating my career in the military over to the civilian side. The Center for New American Security 2012 shines light on what skills and talents veterans bring with them after their time served. • exhibit strong character in being trustworthy and dependable and have strong work ethics. • have a unique understanding of the military community and are a strong asset to any company who serves the government or public service community. • know how to “get it done.” • are resilient; they are accustomed to working in difficult environments, traveling and relocating. • offer versatility, as they are often rotated through numerous assignments during their years of service.• are accustomed to uniform policies and structures, but are quickly adaptable to dynamic workplace situations. • have teamwork and leadership skills that typically outpace those of their civilian counterparts. • demonstrate deep commitment to their organization, which translates into longer tenures. • offer good public relations value. I couldnt have put it better!! Thank you for your service lady's and gentlemen! Good luck in finding that perfect job youre looking for. Feel free to connect with my on LinkedIn if you want to know more about me. ( Also, check out my Organizations page, and see if one of our jobs here is the perfect fit for you. (