Work Experience

  • FPS

    1998-2001 | Apprentice

    I took a break working for my dad to go to another (larger) company to do the actual apprenticship for my licencse. Great company, mainly fire alarm but they had an electrical service and small job team. I was on that team.

  • W And W Electric

    2006-2006 | Mechanic

    This company my life long buddy works for seemed like a great place to get paid and get the respect I've always wanted. Unfortunaly they put me on a jobsite with a foreman and project manager who did'nt seem to like me very much. After I quit they also played to run around game and it took me a month to get my last paycheck.

  • Quantum Electric

    1978-2010 | Helper,mechanic,foreman,project manager

    My father owns this company so I did everything from weekends and summers as a child to full scale bid meeting, plan reading, employee supervising.

  • Skipper's Electric

    2010-2012 | Mechanic

    Due to personal reasons my wife and I had to move to Deleware. Scared it would take forever in the slow job market to find a job I took a cash paying job as a temporary measure. This is a small father and son company that in a way reminded me of Me and my Dad. After workig there a week I could see why they never have any employee last a year with them. After a month I was tired of the racism they subjected me to. After a year I was wishing one of the thousand resumes I sent out would be answered. And during all of this I kept a smile on my face and never said a word. I did every little crappy thing they asked me to do even tho I had already paid "those dues". I only took 2 days off in two years, and always scheduled. When My wife's granfather died and I need two days off to go to his funeral I was let go. When I came home they claimed to not be working but I found out they were. So I quit.

  • Kent Schoch

    2012-2012 | Mechanic

    This was a guy I met at a supply house a few times and was able to help him with a big house. He always worked alone so he just needed me for one house, one ten thousand sqaure foot house. The two of us knocked it out in six weeks. He let me do most of the work I think because he wanted me to get more hours. He was a great boss, both of us hope to work together more in the future.

  • James W Kahler

    1978-2013 | Big Jim

    I put this in for a laugh, but also I have done many small to medium side jobs over the years and go back and forth over weather to start my own company or not. Its a big investment (probably thirty to forty thousand after a truck and power tools ladders etc..). But we all work for ourselves in a big way.