Justin Jones


Work Experience

  • Automotive Paint Industries

    1998-2005 | Sales Associate; Automotive Coatings Specialist

    Calibrated and managed computer software and equipment. Managed inventory, coordinated product delivery, managed customer relations, trained and supervised employees, and managed invoicing and purchasing orders. Calibrated custom paint variances on a multitude of foreign and domestic vehicles.

  • United States Marine Corps

    2005-2009 | Team, Squad and Police Transition Team Leader

    First Deployment (Mediterranean Sea):First Deployment (Mediterranean Sea): • As part of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, participated in humanitarian and police efforts during Hurricane Katrina by evacuating and supporting local population. Combat operations by training 200 Iraqi policemen to protect the surrounding environment in Fallujah, Iraq. • Supported and evacuated American and Lebanese civilians, trained and coordinated patrols with indigenous forces in Fallujah, Iraq. Second Deployment (Ramadi, Iraq): • Third Squad Leader responsible for 12 men, their weapons and gear. • Served as light automatic machine gunner on a five-man team. • Responsible for 140 Iraqi policemen over large geographic area. • Planned, coordinated, and executed joint patrols and counterinsurgency programs for Iraqi police. Operated and maintained weapons and equipment. • Assessed need for direct and supporting fires during reconnaissance operations. • Foreign liaison officer to indigenous forces in the cities of Ar Ramadi, Ar Fallujah, Al Humerijah, and Lake Habbineayah.

  • Subsea Solutions/Parker Diving Service

    2012-2013 | Driver/Tender

    At Subsea Solutions as a diver/tender, participated in daily dive operations such as dive boat maintenance, underwater welding, cofferdam fabrication and installation. Also maintained dive equipment such as diver umbilicals, wet habitats for seal replacement, hull cleaning equipment for a dry and wet environment. Anode inspection and replacement along with cathode protection monitoring, prop polishing, and hydro blasting. Inspected/certified ships to condition and integrity per Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd, and American Bureau of Shipping.