Katherine Peterson

Katherine Peterson

Work Experience

  • Americans Airlines

    1984-2016 | Parts Washer Crew Chief/ Parts Washer

    Cleaned aircraft engines parts, was stock clerk, wheel blast operator, aircraft cleaner and was fast at what I did.

  • S&B

    2017-2017 | Phone Assembler

    Put mother board on, added the camera, then peel off blue tap and placed the back of phone on sent it to next person

  • Temp Jobs with Staff Mark

    2017-2017 | Phone packaging

    Picked phones, pull up address and shipped to sender.

  • Temp Jobs with Staff Mark

    2017-2017 | Check Battery Life

    Hook up phones and check battery life on computers this job and the pick and send phones to customers were with the same company. Different buildings

  • Temp Jobs with Staff Mark

    2019-2019 | Logo

    Placing Logos on cast boots, arm slings, finger slits all hospital supplies for articles that was used on the body to represent that hospital

  • Temp Job

    2019-2019 | Operator, Forklift

    I trained and passed all test except for fork life practical test

  • Temp Job

    2019-2019 | Sam's warehouse

    Put boxes together for all different kinds of drinks to be shipped out to different locations

  • Amazon Fulfillment SDF 4, 6, 7

    2019-2019 | Parts Counter

    Counted all artical in a pod that the scanner instructed me to count

  • Recaro

    Production Line Assembler

    Assembled aircraft table tray together with the arms that were attached to aircraft seats, assembled magazine holder that goes on back of aircraft seats and put the safety box to together.


  • Kendrick High

    1971-1973 | General Education Diploma

    General Studies


  • Army N/A

    Army N/

    N/A Did not go in the military

  • N/A