Kelby Cowart

Work Experience

  • United Supermarkets #532

    2011-2014 | Meat Department

    Front-end sacker Front-end Checker/cashier Produce clerk Meat Market clerk

  • West Texas (ATCE) Truck Center

    2014-Present | Diesel/Heavy Duty Technician

    I'm a diesel/heavy duty truck technician for West Texas Amarillo Truck Center at the east shop. I am experienced in Preventative Maintenance, hydraulics, and a wide variety of repairs on heavy duty truck systems, including suspension, air systems, brakes, electrical, mechanical and more. I am always open-minded, hands-on, and interested in learning anything. this is a great job and has treated me wonderful.


  • Amarillo College Technical Education

    2014-2014 | Diesel Technology

    Studied in basics of Automotive in the fall of 2013. Studied in Preventative Maitinence, Diesel Engine I, Diesel Engine II diagnostics and repair, and Advanced HVAC and Refrigeration systems in spring of 2014. Currently enrolled in Fall semester of 2014 for study in Powertrains I, Powertrains II, Advanced Heavy Duty Brake Systems and Electronic control systems. Will graduate with my certification in Diesel Technology on December 13, 2014.