Kevin Bosshart

Kevin Bosshart


Work Experience

  • United States Air Force

    1993-2013 | Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Craftsman

    Inspect, test, and maintain aircraft electrical/environmental systems, pneumatic systems, subsystems, components and associated test equipment on C-17 aircraft from 2001-present, F-16/A-10 aircraft 1999-2001, and F-15E aircraft from 1993-1999. Electrical systems to include, but are not limited to, direct and alternating current; gas turbine compressors and auxiliary power units; electronic engine control, ignition, and starting; air conditioning, bleed air, cabin pressurization, and avionics systems. Hydraulic systems to include high pressure hydraulic pumps, check valves, boost pumps, and various other related hydraulic components and associated test equipment. Pneumatic systems to include compressors, expansion turbines, water separation units, high temperature and cool air ducting, valves, and associated minor parts and/or hardware. Quality assurance inspector - Assessed the worthiness of assigned assets, test equipment, and personnel maintenance practices. Interpreted inspection findings and determined corrective actions.

  • Air Force