Kiara Thomas

Kiara Thomas

Work Experience

  • The Milner Hotel

    2008-2008 | Front Desk Clerk, Assistant Trainer

    Checking customers in/out of rooms. Data entry, filing, computer work. Training new hires. Observing hiring process and procedures.

  • Dialogue Marketing


    Taking inbound calls; making some outbound calls. Computer work, data entry and filing. Helping elderly customers with cell phone issues. Trouble-shooting and Technical support.

  • UPS Store

    2009-2010 | Cashier, Customer Service

    Taking payments, cash register, and answering phones. Kept work space and store clean. Editing and making flyers, printing jobs. Customer Service, data entry, and computer work (MS Word, Excel, Power Point). Shipping and Packaging delicate and non-delicate items.

  • chrysler

    2011-Present | Assembler, Assistant Team Leader

    Light repair work on Chrysler 200’s and Avengers. Assembling finish work on cars. Training new hires. Assistant team lead; running team meetings. Some data entry and computer work. Minor paint shop and body shop work. Welding and chemical work.